Silicone sponge Makeup Applicator Blender by Sela


    When you are using conventional Sponge or brush, you are wasting large portion of your cosmetics, in SiloSponge you will be using 1/3rd of the product. So your expensive cosmetics wont be wasted during makeup. . Spreading cosmetic with it will take some getting used to, final blending can always be finished with oval brush or conventional sponge or fancy beauty blenders, that means washing the oval brush or the sponge will be minimized and they will last longer.

    It's Easy To Use!

    We don't like foundation getting spilled on our outfits when we do apply them on face. Our Revolutionizing Makeup Applicator SiloSponge will do the work for you, now no more spilling on our dress. After application you can easily clean them with normal luke warm water. If you are makeup artist by profession. you know the really tiring, now you got a simple solution that you can now apply it on a client, clean it up with sanitizing spray, use it on new customer again. So no more waste of the conventional sponge, wastage is totally minimized with this! 


    • Take small amount of Cosmetics of your choice in SiloSponge and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread, until it stop spreading further.
    • Tap repeatedly to blend and settle, pay attention to edges (jawlines, hairlines, around the eyes. Hold the long sides and fold to create a "point" to do detailing.
    • Build coverage as needed. 
  • Eliminate Makeup Waste! - Our 'Anti-Sponge' wont waste makeup like your traditional makeup sponge. The smooth silcone surface is the perfect applicator for foundation, blush, highlighter and concealer!
  • Use Just Like Your Traditional Makeup Sponge- Simply apply a small amount of product to the 'Anti-Sponge' and softly blend.
  • Easy to Clean- Simply run the sela beauty spongeunder lukewarm water for a perfect cleanup.
  • Apply a small amount of your desired product and blend like you are using your brush or beauty blender, but with less product!!

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