potty training watch by sela pink/blue

  • POTTY WATCH REMINDS YOUR KIDS WITH FUN MELODY - This timer alarm comes with an adorable tune to remind your child every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to go potty. After alarming, it resets automatically for the next reminder.
  • POTTY REWARDS CHARMS - 2 charms inside Using charms is an easy way to decorate the poty watch. Let your little one place charms on the poty watch(recommended to add charms as rewardm for progress). Having a personalized watch will make your child excited to train
  • WATER-RESISTANT WEARABLE POTTY WATCH - No need to remove the watch every time they go to the toilet, they can wash their hands or play with water with its water resistant feature.
  • MAKES TOILET TRAINING FUN & ENGAGING FOR KIDS - Appears like a great toy, bracelet or accessory for toddlers and allows busy parents to remind kids regularly without losing track of time. Suitable for 18 months and above.
  • ASY TO USE - No batteries needed, each package comes with 1 - silicon strap, 1 - micro-USB charging cable and 1 - English manual. 2 POTTY charms Potty Watch is rechargeable for your convenience no need to change batterie
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