Pokeball Pokemon Toys night light,made of K9 Crystal laser engraved, with Led rotating base

Package: 1.Crystal Ball 2.Spin Lighting Base 3 Fancy gift Box Adapter and USB Cable (can work on batteris too , Not included) Ball size : 80mm*80mm base size :90*90*30mm each poke ball is made of a high grade k9 crystal the same material used in high end home decor. K9 Crystal Size: 8cm Diameter (Baseball Size) Spin Lighting Base: 4.5cm Height Rainbow colored Pokemon toys Come in Gift Box Christmess Gift, Kids and adult,led night, night light, Charizard, Squirtle, MEW, Pikatchu ,Gengar, Venosaur, Eevee The best Pokeball Toy Ever inspired by Pokemon Go.

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