Automatic Toothbrush

Automatic Toothbrush

This automatic toothbrush is unlike anything you have ever seen before. But that’s the beauty of “world’s first” products. They bring ingenious solutions to your everyday problems and Amabrush is no exception.

As you can see, this toothbrush is actually shaped like a dental prosthesis that you put over your teeth. It is made out of anti-bacterial silicone that not only fits any type of jaw but also kills 99.5% of all bacteria that have taken residence in your mouth.

Automatic Toothbrush

The silicone mouthpiece combined with the magnetic handpiece emanate gentle vibrations that clean every single tooth to perfection.

Just a fun fact, even if you spend the recommended 120s on brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush, you actually spend only 1.25 seconds on brushing every surface of your teeth.

Remember that you have 32 teeth and all of them have 3 surfaces, it’s tough to take care of each of them. But with Amabrush your teeth get a whole 10 seconds of undivided attention.

Automatic Toothbrush

The vibrating handpiece comes with a toothpaste capsule. When you’re brushing your teeth, it delivers toothpaste straight to your teeth through many built-in micro-channels.

This makes brushing teeth more efficient and helps you avoid having toothpaste land right onto your t-shirt (we’ve all been there).

Automatic Toothbrush

The mouthpiece is held in place with the magnetic handpiece, that has been established. But you can have several mouthpieces for each family member with only one handpiece.

Additionally, this automatic toothbrush works even with braces and dental prosthesis.

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